O’Reilly on the Left

One has to admire intelligence and composure of Ayaan Hirsi Ali.  After watching her interviewed by a Canadian named Avi Lewis, my husband volunteered to punch the guy in the nose.  He’s a real gentleman, my husband.

Whereas Bill O’Reilly is an annoying demagogue with lowbrow pretenses, Avi Lewis is an annoying demagogue is highbrow pretenses.  Bill O’Reilly rants and raves about the extreme left, Avi Lewis rants and raves about uber-conservatives.  Somehow Hirsi Ali’s story is entirely separate from Islam, he insists.  He tells a very slanted story of her life, and doesn’t give her a chance to defend herself. Off-handed anti-Americanism is apparently perfectly acceptable.  And because he spices up his speech with academic lingo an average North American urbanite wouldn’t think of criticizing him.


July 22, 2007. Random thoughts.

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