Other People’s Poop

I mentioned earlier that I will no longer write about my baby’s poop – for the sake of my baby’s mental health.

Well, I found that bowl movement of other individuals is worthy of a discussion.

For one, there is a mom I know who claims that her baby daughter squirted her poop into a fan.  I am tempted to believe her, although this one is too good to be true.  Something tells me it’s an urban legend.

Our family went out for a Mexican dinner the other day.  The combination of salsa and tequila gives my husband indigestion.  So after the dinner he was prostrated on the bed, and by the bed I was nursing my baby.  Then my husband farted.  My baby dropped my boob and began crying. 

You think it’s funny!  But think of it from her point of view: nursing is her most important activity, and the only way she knows to get sustenance.  And then, all of a sudden her milk supply appears to be polluted!

So I switched the breasts and we continued nursing.


August 19, 2007. Breedosaurus.

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